Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Bounty Hunter + Teluk Chempedak

this is my 1st time jmp ema since the last time we've skoling together2..hahaha
aboUt 4-5 years kOwt..gOsh..i'm daMn oldie bOy nOw..hu3

okay..nak update blOg cam mAlas jew bru2 ni sbB xde pe yG nk citEr..hua3
selaiN bgUn lMbt n tdo lmbt..hua3
oKay tOday was a joyful day..hu3
bcOz.... a day out wif frEnz...hu3
okAy i'm thE onE dAt pLAn thiS..hehehe
arOUnd 11 am kOwt bRu plan..hua3
pOst kat facebook bOut that..asked few close fren tO jOin me...
and then yEah.. at 2.30 pm i fetched them..hohoho

mereka2 yg jOin adelah paly,nazul,amy,fendy and ema...yeah

okay kaMi g tGk movie Bounty Hunter...
yeah da lm kOwt aq nAk tgk this mOvie..sjak 1st time tgk thriller dulu..hu3
so agak best jGk la..gerald butler and jennifer anniston mMg suPerb ^^

afTer mOvie kaMi pi telUk chempeDak a.k.a TC..hahaha
watpe ?? saje nak g McD..hahaha
snap2..makan2 then baLik..hu3
sGt beSt lePak ngan dOrang..sume sekepale..
asyIk nAk melawAk je masing2...hu3 :D

k later2 kite kua lagi okay..hu3 ^^

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