Thursday, January 20, 2011

Green It Poster Competition!

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Use your own creativity to design a poster. THESE must added to your poster:

1. Title- Green It

2. Slogan- Stop Polystyrene and Reduce Plastic Bags

How to submit your poster?

1. Like GREEN IT's page.
2. Upload your poster with your name
(including your matric number & school)
3. Once you uploaded it, send an email to
(together with your name, matric number, IC number & contact

*Note: Your poster should be submitted in PDF format, A3 size

Certificates will be given to the Top 5 winners who owned the most 'LIKE' poster in our page. From there Top 3 winners will be judged
 by our judges and will receive a gift! 

Terms & Conditions:

1. Maximum 2 posters per entry.
2. Only open to UMS (KK) students.
3. Submissions must be original work based on your own creativity.
4. All decisions of the judges are final.
5. We have the right to use your poster in our future activity.

*Terms and conditions are acknowledged once the poster is uploaded*

Result will be released here on 23rd January 2011 after 12pm.
Be ALERT & CHECK your result!

Submission date end on 20th January 2011, BEFORE 12 midnight.

Any inquiries please feel free to drop us an email

Good Luck!

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