Sunday, March 01, 2009

tagged by waltOn...

1~snap the picture of both inner and outer of your purse

2~Introduce your purse brand,price n where u buy
- lupa la brAnd pew cOz xde tulis ctu...
- RM 29.90 kOwt...
- EAst Coast Mall( lp nm outlet tu tp beside Padini :p)

3~take out whatever its inside ur purse

4~tagged other 7 person

-twin acaf n aliph
-ssme yg follow my blog..:p

5~Comment on ur fren's (who tagged u) purse..
- mcm baek..haha..


zulfadli said...

mamcam gambar kad matrik je tui...

kyoO~rEz@ said...

hahaha..ya la tuh..simpan beb..
kngn tUh :p