Sunday, April 26, 2009

anOther fReak pic..

hUH ??
I gOt exAm tOmorRow..itS inOrganiC chEmistry..arghhh
lOt oF fREak thINgs nEed tO sTudY..hmmm
bUt i stIll hV tiMe tO publISh thiS poSt...hahaha
sO So bLoggerisme la..huhuhu :D

belOw r sOme piC i'd tOok afTer bAck fRom libRAry yEstErdAy...
hahaha..i'v moOd tO ediT it lAst niTe sO i decide tO posT it tOday..huhu
hahaha..i sTill dOnt kNow hOw tO uSe CS3..sO i jUst uSe chIldy ediTor tO make-oveR the pics..gagaga :P

bY thE way..if u rEalize the pOst b4, the 1st piC wAs fREak rite...
lOok at tHe sHApe of mY facE...
OMG..iTs lOok liKe alIen...hahaha :P
nOw heRe u r the laTest frOm me..(cam album jew) :P

i like to edit my pic..haha my fren said wOw!! mulusnya muka kO lam pic ni (smbil tgk hp i) in real cam kene langgar meteor..hahaha.. nOw u knOw :D


AkuAyie said...

that's the benefits of PCS. hehe
Pandai kaw posing2..
leh jadik model..
Model sabun tangan kot..

Ms Elise Paloma De' Amor said...

ade exam study x>????

kyoO~rEz@ said...

AkuAyie => hahaha ^^

Ms Elise PAloma De'Amor => stdy2 ^^